Welcome to my website.

I have expanded the site to accommodate the various products I'm now working on.
Of course the clothes are still the main attraction.
I've accumulated an extensive library of designs during the past twenty-five years and still keep adding to it.
Look at the classics and new designs and choose fabric and colors you like in my studio.
If you're not in town I'll be glad to send you swatches.
My new love is my bags called ÁgiBags.

These come in many color combinations.
After looking for something lightweight, practical, elegant and unique I decided to make my own.
See if you like them as much as I do.
Again the colors and fabrics can be mixed and matched to make exactly what you're looking for.
The pillows are fun.

Animal lovers are thrilled to get their pet's likeness immortalized on something they'll have forever.
Just send me a picture and we can talk about pricing and fabrics.

All my products are made in New York City.